WTF?! Science Says Better Looking Cyclists Are Faster?! | GCN Show Ep. 552

Published on August 8th 2023


Sexier = faster?!? It sounds ludicrous, but research has found that the best Tour de France riders are objectively more attractive than their slower counterparts. Is this what makes Mathieu van der Poel so good? Or was his cheeky toilet stop the secret to his World Championships success? Si and Dan chat about this and more on this weekโ€™s GCN Show!

DMT Pogiโ€™s Heart Beat competition ๐Ÿ‘‰

00:00 Intro
00:36 This Week in Cycling
03:02 Sexier = Faster?!?
08:48 Hack/Bodge
14:08 Cycling Shorts
18:05 Correction Corner
18:58 DMT Pogi Giveaway
20:03 Caption Competition
22:47 Comments of the Week
25:41 Coming up on GCN

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